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Cursul MediaSIS în topul revistei 'Media Literacy in Europe'

, 19 Noi 2013

Revista online “Media Literacy in Europe” include cursul MediaSIS în lista celor 12 proiecte de bune practici în educație media de anul acesta - 12 Good Practices That Will Inspire You. Publicația apare la inițiativa Evens Foundations în Antwerp, cu ajutorul echipei JFF - Institute for Media Education and Media Research din Munchen.

MediaSIS este primul curs de formare a profesorilor pentru competențe media și digitale din România, acreditat de către Ministerul Educației Naționale. Se adresează profesorilor interesați să folosească tehnici de educație media în timpul orelor de curs – deconstrucția imaginilor, selecția informațiilor din mass media, analiza știrilor, jurnalul de consum mediatic, folosirea Internetului în timpul orelor de curs în scop educațional și a resurselor educaționale deschise. Formatori: Nicoleta Fotiade și Bogdan Manolea. Vom anunța în curând sesiunile de curs pentru anul 2014.

Motivația Evens Foundation (English)

Increasing Media Literacy in Europe by Highlighting Good Practices and Fostering Lively Exchange

Since 2009 the Evens Foundation has been striving to increase media literacy in Europe. It has initiated and supported numerous media educational projects, collaborated with many organizations from all over Europe, and facilitated networking and learning opportunities for them. The Foundation also awards a biennial Evens Prize for Media Education. A wide variety of excellent projects being run all over Europe have applied for this.

After almost five years of work in this field, reading about hundreds of projects that seek to increase media literacy in Europe, visiting dozens of them and getting directly inspired by their energetic work and dedication, we decided it was time to create a platform for a selection of these practices. We wanted to share what we had discovered so that more people would be inspired by the great work of these projects, learn from them, and even integrate some elements in their own work.

To give this publication a solid basis, it was necessary to do some additional research, making sure the projects meet certain criteria, collecting extra information about them, editing the presentations, etc. To help realize this project, the Evens Foundation cooperated with JFF – Institute for Media Research and Media Education, the laureate of the Evens Prize for Media Education in 2011.

From 2012 onwards we worked intensively on this publication. To enlarge our knowledge we set up an advisory board composed of experts in media literacy from different European countries: Dag Asbjørnsen, policy officer of the European Commission (Norway), Evelyne Bevort, delegated director of Clemi (France), Kathrin Demmler, head of the JFF – Institute for Media Research and Media Education (Germany), Ike Picone, research professor at the Department of Communication Sciences of the Free University of Brussels (Belgium), Ida Pöttinger, president of the Association for Media Education in Germany (GMK) (Germany) and Patrick Verniers, president of the Master’s in Media Literacy at IHECS (Brussels journalism and communication school) (Belgium). The Evens Foundation warmly thanks all members of this group for their generous commitment to this project, their valuable advice, and the insights they shared with us.

This advisory board not only helped us with the final selection of the 12 projects; members also wrote a personal recommendation for each, explaining why it was chosen and what is remarkable about it. The projects in the publication did, of course, have to comply with certain criteria: to use media and teach media literacy, and be innovative, sustainable and transferable. We ensured a good geographical spread, and selected just one project from any particular country. We sought to show that there are good projects run in schools as well as in non-school contexts, for all kinds of target groups, and with different kinds of media. We don’t claim that these are the best practices in Europe, but they are all good practices; all have their own particular merits and deserve to be highlighted.

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