Membership Benefits

As an ActiveWatch member, you will enjoy exclusive benefits:

  • Invitation to the Annual Member Meeting.
  • Invitation to special events that are not open to the public.
  • 20% discount on training courses and some ActiveWatch events.
  • Real-time email alerts about important news and rapid response actions.
  • A copy of every report published by ActiveWatch.

Member Rights

As a member, your contribution will strengthen the legitimacy of our actions!

As a sign of respect for your gesture, ActiveWatch is pleased to inform future members the rights they enjoy:

  • You will be regularly informed about the challenges and activities of our organization.
  • You will be among the first asked to support our rapid response actions.
  • Your opinion matters! Send us your reaction and opinion about our actions.
  • You can inquire about the destination of funds obtained from member contributions.
  • If you agree, your name will be printed in our annual report, as a sign of recognition and appreciation.
  • You can inquire and will be informed of the characteristics of our donor pool.
  • You will receive timely and honest answers in connection with any questions or concerns about the relationship between our organization and donors.

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