How We Use Your Contributions

100% Transparency

ActiveWatch receives limited donations from individuals. The maximum donation an individual can make is 2,000 euros per calendar year.

Your contributions will be used to carry out monitoring, analysis, rapid response and advocacy programs and activities, as well as public awareness campaigns.

ActiveWatch will make public the names of all donors (except those who wish to remain anonymous) and the amounts donated. This information will be published in our annual report, which will include details on how the money was spent.

The membership agreement must be signed online at time of registration, by checking the box in the online form. If you would like to receive the printed version of the agreement or a certificate acknowledging your membership status, please make a request via email to members [at] activewatch dot ro.

To become a member and make your contribution, please click the I Want to Be a Member link below. If you have questions about using this page, please email members[at]activewatch dot ro.

If your payment was successfully processed, you will be directed to the Thank You page. Shortly after your contribution is received you will be sent a confirmation via email.

Thank you for supporting ActiveWatch!

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