As we are not comfortable in a society that does not make the most of all possibilities of free communication:

  • We permanently assess media behavior, the quality of the messages and the public's preferences.
  • We inform the public with respect to the benefits of an aware media consumption.
  • We advise teaching staff in Romania in the field of media education and we develop educational materials for pupils and teachers.
  • We develop internal and external partnerships, together with public organizations and institutions that support the importance of media education in current society.
  • We promote media education at the level of national and European decision-making bodies in view of integrating this field of study in all schools in Romania.

If you believe that young people need training in order to cope with the world of information, please become a supporting member  of ActiveWatch, by making a donation that will support our work for the promotion of media education, or by becoming directly involved in our activities as a volunteer.

For any further details, please access Events and Activities of media education.

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