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What We Do

Media Education in Romania

ActiveWatch promotes media education in Romania, so that citizens will be able to appreciate the quality of the messages conveyed through the media and so that they can have higher opportunities to communicate and involve in the life of the community.

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Fact: technology constantly changes the manner in which we create relationships around us, and the way we learn. Day-to-day experiences show us that there is not only one way in which we can describe and convey the realities around us.

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What Statistics Say

The ActiveWatch study The Level of Media Literacy in Romania (2008) thoroughly dealt for the first time with the Romanians' relationship with the media.
• Education decreases interest for television consumption; individuals with a higher educational level are less interested in television; instead, they prefer the radio and, especially, print media.

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Taking Action

As we are not comfortable in a society that does not make the most of all possibilities of free communication, we permanently assess media behavior, the quality of the messages and the public's preferences.

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