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22 webinars for three years of MEDEAnet

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Charting Media and Learning 3rd report during M&L conference in Bruxelles

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Information materials "Open Educational Resources" second workshop

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7th MEDEAnet webinar: “Introduction to Big Data and Learning Analytics”

The 7th MEDEAnet webinar was held on September 5th 2013 and tackled the topic of "Big Data" and "Learning Analytics". The recording is now available online. 

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We Recommend the SHARP Pedagogical Kit "Teaching and Learning Digital Media"

We introduce to you the new SHARP online pedagogic kit "Teaching and Learning Digital Media" intended mostly to professionals and educators interested in education techniques related to media and new technologies. 

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MARS Report: Support diversity in sports journalism!

Proposals to promote diversity in the training of journalists in sport news.

Respect for diversity is one of the basic principles of covering a story. All the more as there are resources and professional training methods for journalists to help them become aware of this issue, an opinion expressed by reporters, editors in sport, journalism and media education trainers who attended the MARS workshop (Media Against Racism in Sport) organised in Cluj Napoca at the end of May.

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The optional course "Competences into Mass Media"

The main goal of the course - which was initiated by ActiveWatch in 1999 -  is the training of informed media consumers. Through this course, highschool students could develop the skills to analyze and critically refer to the messages communicated through the Mass Media and the ability to make decisions and act on an informed basis.

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ONAIR: "Let's Discover What's Behind News"

ActiveWatch publishes a new educational product aimed at secondary school pupils to better understand news production and to learn how to question and verify credibility of information in the media.

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ONAIR: The Use of Media in Education. Case studies from Romania and other five European countries

Starting today a new Resource Database is available on the ONAIR website. The database contains Good practices in the Use of Media in Education as gathered by the ONAir partners in six European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Romania). 50 case studies were gathered in Romania and describe various projects developed in the classroom with the use of media, especially with the use of Internet.

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