The MEDEAnet webinar “Researching Media Literacy in Europe” was held on November the 28th and gathered 27 participants from 11 countries.

Several large scale studies have been carried out in recent years into the topic of media and film literacy in Europe. This webinar is highlighting a number pointing to their main findings, conclusions and recommendations. Studies presented and discussed include the one carried out by the EMEDUS (European Media Literacy Education Study) project team, led by José Manuel Pérez Tornero, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona in Spain.

Further on MEDEAnet partners Nicoleta Fotiade (ActiveWatch, Romania) and Sofia Papadimitriou (Educational RadioTelevision of Ministry of Education, Greece) are highlighting the main findings in the report: "Charting Media and Learning in Europe" produced by the MEDEAnet team, which will report specifically in its second year on the extent to which media literacy is incorporated into curriculum design for compulsory level education and to charting organisations actively engaged in this process and examples of good practice.

The webinar was free and was held in English. 

Video recording and speakers' presentations are now available online on this LINK

ActiveWatch / CC BY 3.0