Starting today a new Resource Database is available on the ONAIR website. The database contains Good practices in the Use of Media in Education as gathered by the ONAir partners in six European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Romania). 50 case studies were gathered in Romania and describe various projects developed in the classroom with the use of media, especially with the use if Internet.

  • Romanian Workshops - Evaluation of the Case Studies "Media in Education"

In between 13th and 14th of February, 30 Romanian teachers evaluated the case studies during two days workshops at the ActiveWatch headquarters.

Overall, the case studies received a positive evaluation. The teachers in the workshop appreciated the variety of topics used in the projects and the teachers' involvement, especially because most of the projects did not benefit of any financial or institutional support.

One of the conclusions of the evaluation was that teachers use the potential of the new technologies (computer, PowerPoint etc.) in order to attract students attention in the classroom, but not so much the new media (Internet, online games etc.) with the specific aim to develop students' skills to become critical users of media, an important component in media education.

The teachers-evaluators identified the need for teachers training to develop ICT skills and media and communication competences, and also the need for institutional support in order to boost the use of media in education.

One thing is for sure: the students respond increasingly well to alternative teaching methods that use new technologies and media.

The Workshop report (available here) was presented at the partners' meeting in Sofia (Bulgaria). Here you can find more details details about the meeting.

ActiveWatch / CC BY 3.0