ActiveWatch is the new Romanian partner in the ONAir media education project. The project intends to involve secondary schools in a common effort in order to make New Media become not a threat but a tool for the development of students literacy skills and for the building of their critical and aware approach to the understanding of reality through New Media.

The project aims to make teachers become able to exploit the attractive potential that New Media have on young generation in order to raise their attention and motivate them to rediscover the importance of literacy skills (reading and writing) and to approach the flow and diffusion of information that the New Media spread, with the necessary critical skills in order to become aware users.

The main target group of the project is to be considered as teachers and students of secondary schools (junior and upper school) of the 7 countries participating to the project, that will be directly involved in the project activities. At least 70 teachers will be directly involved in the project activities.

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  • Research on training needs - Workgroups of teachers and experts in the field will carry out an analysis of the needs and expectancies of the school system related to the possible exploitation of the New Media for the development of literacy skills (reading and writing) and for the building up of the capacity of the students to analyse and interpret information in order to become aware New Media user (development of critic sense and of the capacity of being an aware user of Media).
  • Collection and analysis of on-going experiences - In each country workgroups made up of teachers and experts, will collect and analyse information about the existing experiences in the field of the use of Media in educational contexts for the development of reading and writing skills and for the enhancing of critical sense and awareness as users of Media.
  • Development of Media based educational paths - Starting from the existing experiences, collected and validated eight educational paths related to Media education will be developed and made accessible onto the Internet Portal of the project.
  • Testing and evaluation of the Media based education paths - In each country a pilot group of teachers, duly assisted by the experts, will test the Media based educational paths, in order to evaluate their quality and effectiveness.


  • Transnational Report and European profiles of skills on Media education. The transnational Report will result from the research activity with which the school attitude and expectancies towards the use of new Media for literacy and development of students critical mind and aware approach to New Media will be analysed. The Transnational Report will answer to the following questions: Why teaching Media; What to teach of Media; How, with which tools and methods, to teach Media; How to evaluate Media effectiveness for Education.
  • Database of validated experiences in the field of Media Education - The Database will collect the evaluation forms filled in by the teachers involved about the existing experiences in the field of the use of Media in educational contexts for the development of reading and writing skills and for the enhancing of critical sense and awareness as users of Media.
  • Educational paths for Media education - Each educational package will result in a collection of easy to use, flexible e-learning based didactical units. Two paths will be created for each of the four main issues: Reading skills (i.e. Use of comics for enhancing reading and text analysis skills); Writing skills (i.e. Use of Internet for the development of writing skills, hypertext); Critic sense in approaching Media skills (i.e. creation of a newscast in order to develop the critic sense towards news sources); Aware users of media skills (i.e. How to build a TV programme in order to develop skills for making aware choices).
  • Guidelines for the assessment and evaluation of Media education paths. The testing and evaluation phase of the educational materials will be carried out through a processus agreed by all partners. According to the information emerging from the different testing activities carried out in each country a validated methodology, together with the necessary tools (questionnaires, guidelines for interviews, evaluation grids etc.) for the evaluation and validation of educational paths in the field of media education will be created and made available onto the Portal.

The seven Romanian schools partners in the ONAir project:

  1. Theoretic Highschool “Ion Neculce”
  2. Theoretic Highschool “Dimitrie Bolintineanu”
  3. National College “Gheorghe Lazăr”
  4. Technical College for Architecture and Public Works “I.N.Socolescu”
  5. Theoretic Highschool “Nicolae Iorga”
  6. Theoretic Highschool "Ion Creangă"
  7. Theoretic Highschool "Jean Monnet"

The public broadcaster Radio România is the media partner of the ONAir project in Romania.

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