ActiveWatch and its partners invite you Saturday, February 16th, at 11:00h to a treasure hunt in Colentina Neighbourhood. The competition is for the residents in this neighbourhood, irrespective of age, who want to rediscover Colentina through untold stories and forgotten places. The registered teams will receive clues in order to get to the most important landmarks of medieval, modern, interwar, communist and postcommunist Colentina. At the end, the explorers who get the most points will receive a prize.

The meeting point will be Sereno club (25 Colentina Ave., across the street from Kaufland) where, in the same time with the competition, discussions with the residents will take place about what community organizing means and how citizens can become relevant stakeholders in the relationship with the authorities. We also give the opportunity to the residents to debate positive and negative issues in their neighbourhood and to leave video messages to the City Hall.

The event is part of the multimedia journalistic project, carried out by high school students, young free-lance journalists and cartographers, with the support of ActiveWatch, Casa Jurnalistului and gathers and gives back to the community alternative stories about the neighbourhood and, at the same time, encourages the residents to become storytellers themselves and to publish information about the neighbourhood. An important section of our website is the neighbourhood’s map, exclusively made by the students and youngsters involved in the

This initiative is financed by the European Commission in the European project Media4ME, under the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme.

For more information about the project and event:
Contact person:
Laura Orleascu
[email protected]

ActiveWatch / CC BY 3.0