As we are not comfortable in a weakened and frozen society:

  • We periodically monitor the Romanian public authorities' capacity to offer information of a public interest.
  • We inform citizens with respect to the quality of the governance at a central and local level.
  • We instruct and alert journalists with respect to matters related to the functioning of the constitutional state.
  • We propose and debate solutions, together with the decision-making bodies in Romania, in view of accelerating the fight against corruption.
  • We develop internal partnerships, together with organizations that share the same concern for the proper progress of the constitutional state.

If you want to live in a democratic, transparent state that is responsible towards its citizens, please become a supporting member of ActiveWatch by making a donation that will support our work to protect your right to know the information that influences life in Romania, or by becoming directly involved in our activities as a volunteer.

ActiveWatch / CC BY 3.0