The good governance in Romania is the victim of a paradox: we have dozens of laws that protect the functioning of the state, and just as many exceptions. Behind such exceptions, there are people who respect neither the state, nor the citizens. Those who do not respect us, are senselessly wasting our contributions, are suffocating us in bureaucracy and are assaulting us with populism and incompetence.

We can change this situation if we become involved in the community's life and we denounce any abuse committed against us.

A society is open when between a citizen and the state there are relations of reciprocity and respect. A society is open when each political decision-making body undertakes responsibility for its own actions and is able to answer before the citizens who vested it, not only with power, but also with responsibility. A society is open when the act of justice happens in court, not on television. A society is open when each citizen can check the route of all money spent from public funds. A society is open when citizens take part in any decision that influences the life of the community and of the future generations.

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