Good Governance

What We Do

Governance in Romania

ActiveWatch promotes the right to information, according to article 31 of the Romanian Constitution: (1) A person's right to have access to any information of public interest may not be restricted. (2) Public authorities, according to their competences, are obligated to provide the correct information of citizens with respect to public matters and to matters of a personal interest

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The good governance in Romania is the victim of a paradox: we have dozens of laws that protect the functioning of the state, and just as many exceptions. Behind such exceptions, there are people who respect neither the state, nor the citizens

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What statistics say

Between 1990 and 2009, the presidential election participation ratio decrease by approximately 35%. In the case of parliamentary or local elections, participation is even lower; the 50% threshold is increasingly hard to reach among citizens with a voting right

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Taking Action

As we are not comfortable in a weakened and frozen society: We periodically monitor the Romanian public authorities' capacity to offer information of a public interest. We inform citizens with respect to the quality of the governance at a central and local level

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