ActiveWatch promotes the right to information, according to article 31 of the Romanian Constitution:

(1) A person's right to have access to any information of public interest may not be restricted.

(2) Public authorities, according to their competences, are obligated to provide the correct information of citizens with respect to public matters and to matters of a personal interest.

The purpose of ActiveWatch has been, for over 10 years, that the relations between the state and the citizens should remain balanced, based upon respect and responsibility before the law and society.

  • We prevent any attempts by the state institutions to conceal information and decisions that have effects upon citizens.
  • We encourage state transparency and we remind the citizens that they have rights which are protected under the country's Constitution and that they can decide the fate of their community.
  • We disclose any breaches or any subjective or abusive interpretations of the laws that protect the proper functioning of the law-governed state.
  • We propose and we debate solutions for the improvement of the collaboration between the state and its citizens, without any party being ignored in the decision-making process.
  • We protect public interest by monitoring the manner in which state institutions fulfill their duty to the citizens.

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