Paintings with golden frameworks that presented the minister with golden glasses and gold teeth, images depicting fetuses in formol or the Grim Reaper, a door made of board scotch-taped to a tree on which was inscribed the words “exit” and “kijarat”, protesters who wore masks of Kelemen Hunor feeling remorse for turning the Ministry of Culture into the “Ministry of Cyanide and of the Destruction of the National Patrimony”.

These were a few of the means through which the protesters had chosen to express their indignation in today’s action called the “Hunoriada”. Among other chants, the demonstrators have shouted the slogans: “Resign!”, “Take the cyanide, we want nature and culture!” “A Government of outlaws/ Sells gold in exchange for a few bucks”, “RMGC gives us poison/ we offer them gold on a plate”.

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ActiveWatch / CC BY 3.0