Member organisations of the Alliance drew attention in a press conference to the serious threats against the rule of law in Romania. This draft law is sacrificing state property, the private property of common citizens, the country’s natural and cultural patrimonies for the sake of personal interests.


The draft law on the amendment of the Mines Law, also called the “Law of Dispossession” includes clauses which violate the Treaty of the European Union, the European Convention on Human Rights, European Union Directives and also the Romanian Constituion.


We mention that the Romanian Government dismissed the draft law in 2009 and the Committee for the Environment of the Chamber of Deputies unanimously voted to reject the law in 2011.


Mircea Toma, ActiveWatch: “The Law confirms that corruption in Romania took the country to a level of  being a “captive state”


*The Alliance for the Rule of Law consists of ActiveWatch-Media Monitoring Agency, the Pro Democracy Association, Center for Legal Resources and Transparency International Romania.


Full article in Romanian - here

ActiveWatch / CC BY 3.0