The event is part of a series of debates about the stereotypes concerning the Roma people, the perception of the Media and of the Romanian citizens in relation to this ethnic group. The two partner organisations, along with experts, public officials at national and local levels and also members of the Media and the civil society intended to tackle several views related to the change of perceptions and stereotypes of the Romanian community about the Roma in a direct and interactive approach.

Mircea Toma, ActiveWatch: I find that there’s a tendency of increased tolerance, a visible acceptance of the Roma people in comparison to the situation 10 years ago. On the other hand, the discourse of intolerant people who say in surveys that they “don’t accept the Roma in this country” has become more and more extreme. These persons are probably the ones who are most active in the comment section of articles, comments that have been very aggressive lately, a fact that proves to be very upsetting.

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ActiveWatch / CC BY 3.0