For policy makers

In conditions of normality, a non-governmental organization must cooperate with the government for intervention in the common areas of action and interest.

ActiveWatch continues to offer expertise and be a dialogue partner for public authorities in the development of public policies and the promotion of the legislative changes that consolidate the constitutional state.

We wish to find, together, the best means of collaboration in order to effectively contribute in the public institutions' decision-making process and in supporting the implementing of such decisions.

What follows is a short list of the contributions of ActiveWatch to the development of legislation in Romania:

  • Law 544/2001 on free access to information of public interest;
  • Law 52/2003 of Decision-making transparency in the public administration;
  • Law 504/2002 – the Audiovisual Law;
  • The Code for the Regulation of the Audiovisual;
  • The Penal Code.

You can find below several of our partnerships with Romanian public authorities:

  • The National Council of the Audiovisual (audiovisual regulations, contributions in the media monitoring methodology)
  • The Ministry of Education and Research (media education projects, antidiscrimination projects, projects for the granting of academic scholarships for Roma students)
  • The National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination

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