For organizations

ActiveWatch is open to partnerships with non-governmental organizations in Romania and other countries, for the development of events, projects, research and joint initiatives in the following fields: antidiscrimination, freedom of expression, good governance and media education.

We are interested in partnerships based on joint initiatives in research, projects, campaigns, events or other types of initiatives which: 

• Promote freedom of speech and journalists' rights;
• Monitor the freedom of the media;
• Promote the public's right to have access to information of a public interest;
• Contribute in the drawing up of public policies in the audiovisual field;
• Help improve the media legislation affecting the audiovisual;
• Promote standards of quality of the journalistic contents;
• Monitor the media's role in election periods;
• Monitor the media's role in promoting diversity and a tolerant discourse towards the vulnerable groups;
• Prevent discrimination of minority and disfavored groups;
• Fight for equal opportunities of disabled persons;
• Inform the general public with respect to the importance of tolerance and diversity in society;
• Contribute to the improvement of the quality of governance at the central and local level;
• Emphasize long-lasting development;
• Share our concern with the good progress of the constitutional state;
• Promote media education at the level of the national and European decision-making bodies for the integration of this field of study in schools.
• Contribute in the drawing up of educational policies for media education in schools;
• Develop educational materials for pupils and professors in the media education field;
• Develop training courses for the teaching staff.

If you are interested in entering a partnership with ActiveWatch, please contact us at [email protected].