As we are uncomfortable in the grey area of global classifications regarding freedom of expression and because we want a free society:

  • We continuously monitor Romanian public space, in order to prevent and react against any restriction of the freedom of expression.
  • We support Romanian journalists in the promotion of a free, professional, independent media that is dedicated to public interest.
  • We negotiate with state authorities and political decision-making bodies, in order to promote public policies and laws that comply with the principles of freedom of expression.
  • We publish informative materials in the field of media legislation, the journalists' rights and journalistic ethics.
  • We analyze media content on various themes, such as: the quality of the public interest pieces in the TV news, political balance, journalistic ethics etc.
  • We build national and international partnerships with organizations that support both our values and democratic societies.

We know that freedom of expression is important for you. We invite you to become a supporting member of ActiveWatch by making a donation that will support our work to protect your right to freedom of speech, or by becoming directly involved in our activities as a volunteer.

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