2010 was a difficult year for freedom of expression. Romania ranked 52 in the world ranking of press freedom ("Press Freedom Index 2010"), published by the Reporters without Borders organization. Media freedom in our country had been in decline for the third consecutive year (2007 - 42nd place, 2008 - 47th place, 2009 - 50th place, 2010 – 52nd place).

One of the reasons for the decline of media freedom's situation in 2010 is that the authorities and the politicians promoted several legislative initiatives with a negative impact on freedom of expression and media independence  (for example: practising the journalistic profession only on the basis of a mandatory press badge, publishing prohibitions for persons with a criminal record, mandatory public statements of interest for journalists, TVR Internațional becoming a subordinate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the withdrawal of licenses for defamatory written press etc.). Fortunately, they have not been adopted so far.

Two years ago the media was deemed a weakness with respect to national security, in the Country's National Defense Strategy. The strategy, initiated by the Romanian Presidency and adopted by the Supreme Council of National Defense, was severely criticized by journalists, media and human rights organizations and politicians, both in Romania and in Europe.

Over the last 2 years, the economic crisis has wreaked havoc in the country's editorial offices and has resulted in the layoff of over 6000 journalists and technical staff, as well as in the closing down of dozens of local and central newspapers.

ActiveWatch / CC BY 3.0