ActiveWatch, member of Reporters sans Frontiers, considers inacceptable that Gendarmerie forces have violently attacked or prevented journalists from documenting the protest that has taken place in Bucharest on August 10th, 2018. The large number of journalists that have been attacked by the Gendarmerie raises suspicions that the institution might have explicitly tried to prevent the citizens from being informed on the way it has acted towards the protesters.

ActiveWatch requests the Romanian Gendarmerie to publicly and urgently present the provisions that regulate the way gendarmes treat affiliated and independent journalists that report on the institutions’ intervention in the field of action, as well as the sanctions that are applied for breaching these provisions.

Also, ActiveWatch requests the Gendarmerie to publicly present the way in which it trains its staff regarding these provisions and the frequency by which these trainings take place.

Media freedom and access to public interest information are indispensable to an authentic democracy. Preventing affiliated or independent journalists from documenting any aspect of a public demonstration represents a serious breach of the principles of human rights as well as of European values.


Photo credit: Dominic Negrici


ActiveWatch / CC BY 3.0