From blueprint to footprint: Safeguarding media freedom and pluralism through the European Rule of Law Mechanism Joint civil society organisation recommendations

The launch of the European Rule of Law Mechanism in July 2019 marks the renewed 1 opportunity for
the European Union (EU) to uphold democracy and overcome the limits of the Article 7 procedure.
Among the proposed actions, the announcement by the European Commission Vice President for
Values and Transparency Věra Jourová of a dedicated chapter to media freedom and pluralism in
the Annual Rule of Law Report was strongly welcomed by press freedom and journalists’
organisations. It is not only the acknowledgment that independent journalism and access to pluralistic
information are one of the pillars of democracy, but also a key step in addressing the worrying state
of media freedom and pluralism in the EU.

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Reporters Without Borders and ActiveWatch condemn the aggression of PSD Cluj president against journalists

Reporters without Borders and ActiveWatch support the Cluj Press Professionals Association who requested the PSD president, Viorica Dăncilă, through an open letter, to intervene in order to restore a decent communication between the PSD Cluj and the representatives of the press.

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Romania urged to protect all journalists with same speed as in Sercan case

In a joint letter released today, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and its Romanian partner, Active Watch, praise the speed with which the Romanian authorities dealt  with the threatening text received by investigative journalist Emilia Sercan on 15 April, but urge them to act with similar speed in all other serious threats or abuses against journalists, in order to combat impunity and a climate of violence against the media. 

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FreeEx Report (2018-2019) - Press Freedom in Romania

ActiveWatch released the FreeEx Report (2018-2019) - Press Freedom in Romania.

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Update - Suspect identified / Death treaths to a journalist / - Letter of Reporters without Borders and ActiveWatch

Journalist Emilia Șercan has received death threats on Monday evening, April 15th. Today Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and ActiveWatch wrote to the Minister of Internal Affairs and to the Chief Inspector of the Romanian Police General Inspectorate asking them to take all appropriate measures in order to protect Emilia Șercan, to make sure that the police investigation on whom has written the threatening messages will be an effective one, and to condemn publicly these messages. Update April 24 - suspect identified by the Police.

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Freedom of speech must be understood correctly within the framework of personal data protection

Several non-governmental organizations have written today to the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing, reminding that not only private life is a fundamental right, but also freedom of expression, that the protection of sources for journalists is crucial to guaranteeing the right to liberty of speech and that threats should not be part of an address from a public authority. The organizations request for the adoption of procedures agreed in public debates, with the press and bodies with expertise.

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Censorship and intimidation at the Romanian Public Television We request for the immediate dismissal of Doina Gradea, President – General Manager. UPDATE: RSF supports the appeal

A group of organizations have made today an appeal to the Parliament requesting that the President-General Manager of the Romanian Public Television should be dismissed.

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Update// Appeal to establish a public inquiry into the assassination of Ms. Daphne Caruana Galizia/// Alert: assasination of Bulgarian journalist Viktoria Marinova

One year after the assassination of Maltese journalist Ms Daphne Caruana Galizia, a group of 25 media freedom organizations asks for an independent inquiry into whether the Maltese state is responsible for the circumstances that led to this crime.

Two days before the publishing of this letter, on the 6th of October 2018, another journalist was brutally murdered, this time in Bulgaria: Viktoria Marinova, 30 years old, of the TVN television in Ruse. An appeal of Reporters without Borders can be read here.

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Current Romanian leaders adhere to European values only when in Brussels

Taking into account the recent disinformation campaign carried out by the Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă during her visit at Brussels this week, we would like to bring to your attention some of the actions of the current Romanian Government coalition that are in direct conflict with the Prime Minister’s declarations.

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Attacking journalists is habit of Camorra, incompatible with a law enforcement institution of an EU member state

ActiveWatch, member of Reporters sans Frontiers, considers inacceptable that Gendarmerie forces have violently attacked or prevented journalists from documenting the protest that has taken place in Bucharest on August 10th, 2018. The large number of journalists that have been attacked by the Gendarmerie raises suspicions that the institution might have explicitly tried to prevent the citizens from being informed on the way it has acted towards the protesters.

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Romania: first licences for community radios / Technological changes, high connectivity, and participation all fits in a bucket

For the first time in Romania, two community radio station licenses have been issued in the framework of the  European project Grassroot Wavelengths. The new high-tech FM stations will broadcast in, engage with, and serve two remote villages of Romania.

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Update/ Senators, vote AGAINST the amendments to the Agerpres law!

Reporters without Borders, European Center for Press and Media Freedom, ActiveWatch, Romanian Trade Union of Journalists - MediaSind, Center for Independent Journalism and Convention of the Media Organizations urge the Romanian Senate not to adopte today dangerous ammendments to the National Press Agency Agerpres Law.

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FreeEx Report - Annual press freedom in Romania 2015-2016

Annual press freedom report 2015-2016

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Net Neutrality: 73 NGOs from around the world send letter to EU regulators

Today, ActiveWatch joined forces with EDRi and 71 other civil society organisations from the five continents of the world to ask European Telecom Regulators to uphold net neutrality in the current negotiations about the future of the Open Internet in the European Union.

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500 signatories, including Nobel prize winners ask UK and Sweden to cease on the arbitrarily detention of Julian Assange

Before the 31st United Nations Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva today, 500 human rights organizations, law professors, former UN office holders, and high-profile rights defenders including four Nobel Peace Prize winners have urged the governments of Sweden and the United Kingdom to respect the United Nations’ decision to free Julian Assange. The statement was delivered to the Swedish and UK Permanent Representatives to the United Nations in Geneva. ActiveWatch has joined the list of signatories.

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25 international organizations call calls for investigation into surveillance of Romanian journalist Cătălin Tolontan

We call for an immediate, thorough and impartial investigation of this incident to discourage similar incidents in the future, and believe it would constitute an important step towards demonstrating that the call for accountability from the Romanian people is being heard.

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Ipro: Developed modules

The iPro Consortium has deveoped 14 modules, that integrate in the Digital Media and Arts Studies Model Curricula proposed by the partners.

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Ipro: Model digital media professionals training curriculum implementation guidelines

The Ipro Project is coming to an end. The Implementation guidelines are aimed at formulating and giving of modify suggestions, solutions, advices, guidelines, eventually examples for implementing and using of the Model curricula in the context of each partner country by institution outside of the partnership - other universities, training centers, companies and etc.

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FreeEx Report 2014 - 2015

The FreeEx Report can be read here (docx) or here (pdf).

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iPro: International Focus Groups on teaching i-Professionals

More than 50 experts from eight countries were approached and consulted in national focus groups regarding the educational modules adressed to professionals in digital media and arts, developed by The iProfessional (iPRO) Erasmus Multicultural Project.

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Letter to Channel 4 on "Romanians are Coming"

Open letter to Ms Katie Buchanan, Producer of “The Romanians are coming”

Dear Ms. Katie Buchanan,

The undersigned Romanian organizations below would like thank you for the production "The Romanians are Coming" - the two episodes of which have been broadcast on Channel 4.

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iPro: Curriculum Prototype for media and digital arts

The iPro consortium members are proposing a Curriculum Prototype with the aim to establish and define a set of disciplines (courses) with theoretical and with practical aspects, that will assist the HEI’s and the vocational institutions in their efforts of matching the curriculum of their students in (digital) Media and Arts Studies with the professional requirements expressed by the (international) community of media and arts businesses. Information about the contents of the Curriculum Prototype can be found here: Curriculum Prototype.

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Reporters without Borders has launched the World Press Freedom Index 2015

Reporters Without Borders has published the World Press Freedom Index 2015. Romania ranks 52, with a score very close to the United States of America, and above other EU member states (Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria). Comparing to the previos ranking, Romania is 7 seats down, and the recorded score is slightly smaller. 

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Two months preventive detention ordered for Azerbaijani journalist

Two months preventive detention ordered for Azerbaijani journalist

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ActiveWatch: We demand the prosecution of police violence against a journalist in the tourist hub of Bucharest

To: Ministry of Interior and the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police
The attention of the Minister Gabriel Oprea and Mr Petre Toba, General Inspector of Romanian Police

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iPro: iProfessional Competence Framework

The iProfessional Competence Framework (iPCF) is a reference framework of competences required by professionals in the field of digital multimedia and arts. The iPCF defines a set of knowledge and skills needed to achieve measurable outputs according to the new professional standards on the global market.

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iPro: Media professionals’ skills and competences needs analysis

The iPRO Consortium conducted an extensive survey in 8 European countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Lituania, Irland, Belgium, Poland, Italy and Croatia) in order to identify the gaps between the world of the interactive media and arts design business and the higher and further education institutions for Media and Arts Design Studies in the countries above, as well as solutions for a closer collaboration.

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How many unconstitutionality rulings do you need in order to respect our privacy?

These days Romania is going through an absurd competition between the state – that keeps imposing laws designed to give it complete control over the citizens' communications – and the justice system, that can't stop ruling these laws unconstitutional.

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It's Time to End the Justice Dept's Criminal Investigation Into WikiLeaks

The Honorable Eric Holder
Attorney General
United States Department of Justice
Washington, D.C. 20530
June 19, 2014
Dear Attorney General Holder,

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Stop surveillance activities in Romania!

Please read and if you agree, sign this petition to stop surveillance activities in Romania

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Interactive Freedom of Speech Map

ActiveWatch project - "Interactive Freedom of Speech Map" aims to create and strengthen a communication platform for a community of practice comprised citizens, students, journalists and civic activists.

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iPRO Project

The project is aimed at setting up a pilot collaboration between HEIs and VET providers in 8 European countries in order to investigate the potential for a closer collaboration between the world of the interactive media and arts design business and the higher and further education institutions for Media and Arts Design Studies.

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Freedom of expression under attack: insult and libel reincriminate

16 December 2013

H. E. Victor Ponta
Prime Minister of Romania
Guvernul României
Piata Victoriei nr. 1, sector 1
Bucuresti, Romania
Fax +40213191588, +4021 3139846
Email: [email protected]

CC: Valeriu Zgonea, Head of the Chamber of Deputies
Str. Izvor nr.2-4, Camera 4123, Sect.5, Bucuresti
Tel/Fax: +40 214 14 19 89
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Crin Antonescu, Head of the Senate
Calea 13 Septembrie nr. 1-3, sector 5, Bucuresti, 050711
Fax: +4021 315 89 42, +4021 315 89 43, +4021 315 60 03
E-mail: [email protected]

Your Excellency,

We the undersigned 35 organisations, members and partners of IFEX, express our deep concern that the Romanian Parliament voted to recriminalise insult and libel as part of a wider amendment of the Penal Code, thus undoing the progress made by Romania during the last eight years to legally protect the right to freedom of expression. Criminalisation of insult and libel is a serious attack on this right, as it works to intimidate voices who criticise the structures of power in society and expose corruption, abuse and other wrongdoings.

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Freedom of Speech Under Attack in Romania

The signatory organizations condemn the anti-democratic practices adopted and exercised by the current parliamentary majority and publicly ask the Romanian President not to promulgate the law through which, surreptitiously, the offenses of libel and insult were reintroduced in the Criminal Code.
In 2006, the Parliament decided to repeal the offenses of insult and libel. In 2007, the Constitutional Court ruled that the offenses of libel and insult are not repealed, then, in 2010, the High Court of Cassation and Justice has ruled that the offenses of insult and libel are abolished, and in 2013 the Constitutional Court ruled again that the offenses of libel and insult are not repealed.

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ActiveWatch and Reporters without Borders protest against the amendments brought by the Romanian Government to the Insolvency Law

ActiveWatch and Reporters Without Borders condemn the Romanian Government's decision to adopt in a total lack of transparency a bill whose provisions threaten press freedom and the public's right to information. By supporting this legislation, the Government opened a new chapter in the history of political and economic control of the media institutions in Romania.

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150 human rights, digital rights and media rights NGOs call on Obama to end prosecution of Snowden

More than 150 civil society organisations defending human rights, digital rights and media rights in countries as far afield as the UK to Uruguay, from the USA to Ukraine to Uganda, have written to President Obama to urge him to end the prosecution of Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers like him.

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FC Steaua behaviour towards journalists

Att: The Media Committee
Subject: FC Steaua behaviour towards journalists


ActiveWatch, a Romanian human rights NGO concerned with freedom of expression and press freedom, expresses its outrage towards the unacceptable behaviour of Steaua Football Club officials against journalists and media outlets.

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FC Steaua behaviour towards journalists

Att: The Media Committee
Subject: FC Steaua behaviour towards journalists

ActiveWatch, a Romanian human rights NGO concerned with freedom of expression and press freedom, expresses its outrage towards the unacceptable behaviour of Steaua Football Club officials against journalists and media outlets.

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ActiveWatch has become an IFEX member

We proudly announce you that today ActiveWatch has become an IFEX member. The IFEX network of organisations is connected by a shared commitment to defend and promote freedom of expression as a fundamental human right. IFEX defends and promotes everyone’s right to free expression: IFEX advocates for the free expression rights of all, including media workers, citizen journalists, activists, artists, scholars. 

ActiveWatch, also a member of the Reporters without Borders since 2004, is a human rights organization advocating for free communication in the public interest. 

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Greek Government worse than Romanian dictator Ceausescu

Foto: DEMOTIXActiveWatch invites journalists to make a common cause by asking the Greek Government to reconsider its decision to close down the broadcasting of public radio and TV channels in Greece.

The broadcasting of public radio and TV channels in Greece was shut down on Tuesday night. All employees of the media public institutions were laid off. This decision was taken on the basis of a rushed legislative act, which was voted and enforced in 24 hours. The Government’s spokesperson justified this decision by accusing the public television of wasting public money: “ERT (the Greek state television) is a characteristic case of lack of transparency and incredible waste. This (situation) ends now” (Simos Kedikoglou, cited by Associated Press).

Foto credit: Demotix

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Bucharest: Solidarity with protesters in Turkey

Today, June 6, 2013, citizens of Romania have shown their solidarity with Turkey’s protesters. Bearing in mind the recent events from many cities in Turkey, we arein front of the Turkish Embassy to give our message of solidarity with the citizens that are now defending their freedom of expression right as a reaction to the Government lack of consideration for this value. 

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FreeEx Report 2012

FreeEx Report can be read here.

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LAUNCH: FreeEx Report 2012

Read here the english version of the FreeEx Report - Press Freedom in Romania 2012:



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The Annual Media Party

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The Freedom of Expression Abusively Repressed by the Management of a High School in Covasna district

ActiveWatch, a human rights organization that fights for free communication in the public interest, condemns the abusive behaviour of Korosi Csoma Sandor High School’s class master and management, who have prevented a student from wearing a fashion accessory that had the colours of the Romanian flag. Even if the gesture of the student and of her schoolmates can be construed as provocative to the Hungarian colleagues (in the context it occurred), it falls under the limits of the freedom of expression, as there are no serious grounds to justify its sanctioning. If the student acted in a way that has lead to reactions from colleagues, this could have been sanctioned according to the school regulation, but not by confiscating or forbidding the headband.

ActiveWatch is asking the journalists to act responsibly and no longer publish the picture of the student, because she is a minor, but also because they risk exposing her to unpleasant situations taking into consideration that the student already received death threats. We also ask the journalists and politicians to prove maximum responsibility in the way they publicly speak about this topic and not to amplify the tension by exploiting nationalist topics. We would like to remind everybody that, in this context, children are victims of the nationalist discourse uttered by several politicians and supported by the media in the recent years.

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Download e-banners and promote the European Initiative for Media Pluralism

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Launch of the first Initiative for media pluralism

On February 7th, a pan-European coalition of citizens and nearly one hundred media groups, professional bodies, Independent Journalists and Civil Society Organisations from across the continent will launch the online collection of signatures for the first European Citizens’ Initiative targeting media freedom and pluralism. The European Citizens’ Initiative is a new tool of participatory democracy allowing citizens to collect at least one million signatures online or offline to present a legislative proposal directly to the European Commission, thereby changing EU law.

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Press realease rearding the MCV Report: Freedom of speech in Romania doesn't need new laws, but protection

The signatory organizations express their bewilderment and concern regarding the findings and recommendations referring to mass-media included in the CVM.

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(French) Guide practique du journaliste en periode electorale

The guide in French/ Le guide en Francais est disponible ici.

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ActiveWatch proposed European Parliament to ban the infiltration of newsrooms by intelligence officers

To: The members of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

Ref: the „EU Charter: Standard settings for media freedom across the EU” Report


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FreeEx Report 2011 (VIDEO)

FreeEx Report 2011, here.

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Protest: Libertatea de exprimare evacuată de pe National Arena - UPDATE 2


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Protest: Libertatea de exprimare evacuată de pe National Arena - UPDATE 1


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Protest: Free speech evacuated from The National Arena


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Violence against Journalists During Street Protests in Romania. Police Abuse Against Citizens

ActiveWatch – Media Monitoring Agency and Reporters without Borders condemn the violence perpetrated against journalists by both police and protesters. The two organizations also condemn basic human rights violations by the riot police, such as the right to free speech, the right to freedom of movement and the right to freedom of assembly

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Scrisoare deschisă adresată Consiliului de Administraţie al SRTV

Stimate domnule Alexandru Lăzescu, Stimată doamnă Ada Meseşan, Stimată doamnă Anne Jugănaru, Stimate domnule Cătălin Baba, Stimate domnule Claudiu Brânzan, Stimate domnule Cristian Niţulescu, Stimate domnule Karen Attila Sebesi, Stimată doa...

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Cenzura cenzurii, sau despre avantajele presei internautice

Update: Replica la acest articol, scrisă de juristul Bogdan Manolea, poate fi citită aici. Dragi şi vajnici activewatch-i, cum v-am mai spus (de fapt, scris), eu cred că v-aţi ales o treabă greu, dacă nu chiar imposibil de făcut – să veg...

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Adevarul de Seara Focsani nu-si gaseste ziarele in chioscurile Monitorului de Vrancea

Jurnaliștii de la săptămânalul Adevărul de Seară Focșani acuză firma de distribuție Trinec Serv (a Monitorului de Vrancea), deținută de Corina Trifan, că obstrucționează apariția publicației. Potrivit acestora, motivul ar fi legat de publicarea unui articol defavorabil la adresa firmei Mavi Beton SRL, la care Corina Trifan este acționar alături de soțul său.

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Inevitabila lege a presei

Saptamana trecuta (11 mai) ONG-urile au fost invitate la Comisia de Mass-Media din Camera Deputatilor pentru a discuta despre oportunitatea unei legi a presei.

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Adevarul Holding a cenzurat TOTB pentru Coca-Cola?

Vor mai trece, probabil, multe râuri de Cola, până când unele instituții de presă vor înțelege că cenzura este inadmisibilă într-un stat de drept. Pe principiul „ciocu’ mic și bea o Cola”, Adevărul Holding a oprit fără preaviz funcționarea platformei Think Outside the Box (TOTB), deși contractul de parteneriat prevedea un preaviz de 45 de zile în cazul rezilierii unilaterale.

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FreeEx Report 2010 (VIDEO)

FreeEx Report 2010, here.

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Ziaristul de la Realitatea e liber. Prea liber

[caption id="attachment_1398" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Prim plan: Sorin Freciu, Sorin Enache, Sebastian Ghita. Planul doi: Dragos Nedelcu. (la sedinta CNA din 5 aprilie) "][/caption] Zilele astea s-a tot discutat în presă și în mediile apropiate presei și politicului despre conflictul Ghiță – Vîntu, despre cauzele și substratul acestui conflict și despre efectul pe care îl are pe produsul finit, adică pe ce vede cetățeanul când se uită la Realitatea TV. Cele două părți aflate în conflict s-au acuzat reciproc de ingerințe editoriale.

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Csibi vs. statul roman

Csibi Barna este un cetățean român de etnie maghiară care, într-un ceremonial public, a spânzurat o păpușă care îl reprezenta pe Avram Iancu. Gestul este extrem și scandalos, întrucât acesta din urmă este un erou național pentru români. Din acest motiv, Csibi a fost criticat și de politicienii maghiari.

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Alerta de teapa pentru jurnalisti!

A verificat cineva informația sau anumiți jurnaliști vor să-i dea lui Zoso ocazia să spună că nimeni nu verifică informația din mai multe surse? Zoso a spus pe blog inclusiv că ar fi fost asociat al pretinsului său tată sindicalist, în câteva firme ale acestuia

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Articol controversat, citat de Boc

Publicația electronică CriticAtac are dovezi că Guvernul își sprijină deciziile pe articole (nedocumentate) din ziare.

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Solidaritate cu jurnalistii din Ungaria

Foto: Levente Tofan/ Uj Magyar Szo

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Miting de solidaritate cu presa din Ungaria

Mai multe organizații de ziariști și de drepturile omului organizeaza un miting de solidaritate cu societatea civilă din Ungaria, indreptat impotriva Legii Presei propusa de guvernul de la Budapesta si adoptata de Parlament. Legea supune presa scrisă, audiovizuală și electronică unui control politic specific regimurilor totalitare. Vezi evenimentul pe Facebook Manifestația va avea loc marți, 15 martie 2011, orele 17.00, în fața Ambasadei Ungariei din București (strada str. Dimitrie Gerota nr.63-65).

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VIDEO. FreeEx recomanda: dezbatere cu Viorel Ilisoi, primul jurnalist inchis dupa '89 pentru un pamflet

Luni, 14 martie, orele 19.30 LECTURĂ PUBLICĂ Jurnalistul Viorel Ilișoi citește din Romanul-foileton "PAIȘPE" și discută cu participanții în Club UnderWorld, strada Colței, nr. 48. Moderator: Dan Lungu INTRAREA LIBERĂ Viorel Ilișoi este primul jurnalist condamnat și închis, după Revoluție, pentru un pamflet. Romanul-foileton "Paișpe", publicat zilnic în "Jurnalul Național", folosește drept pretext această experiență pentru a reconstitui lumea presei anilor '90.

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Oferta limitata: maine DOAR jurnalistii pot sa se arunce din loja Parlamentului

Roberta Anastase, președintele Camerei Deputaților, a anunțat că doar jurnaliștii au acces la ședința comună a Camerei Deputaților și a Senatului de mâine, când Parlamentul își asumă răspunderea pe Codul Muncii. Conducerea Parlamentului invocă sintagma vagă a „motivelor de securitate”.

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Televiziunea Alpha Media emite din nou in reteaua RCS&RDS!

UPDATE: Locuitorii orașului Medgidia pot să urmărească din nou televiziunea Alpha Media în rețeaua RCS&RDS. Problemele pe care le semnalam ieri au fost soluționate astăzi, 1 februarie, potrivit unui comunicat de presă: "Televiziunea ALPHA MEDIA din Medgidia, jud. Constanţa, informează că retransmisia postului de către operatorul RCS&RDS a fost reluată luni 31 ianuarie 2011, în jurul orei 19:45. Noua frecvenţă pe care telespectatorii ne pot urmări este 767,25 Mhz.

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Povestea jurnalistului Florentin Deac, concediat dupa 13 ani in slujba „Cuvantului Liber”

Jurnalistul Florentin Deac ne-a trimis un articol în care povestește cum s-a desfășurat activitatea sa profesională din ultimii 13 ani, perioadă în care a fost angajat la ziarul "Cuvântul Liber", din Târgu Mureș. Florentin Deac se află în litigiu cu foștii angajatori și a atacat în instanță decizia acestora de a-l concedia. La finalul acestui articol redăm și poziția redactorului șef al ziarului, contactat de ActiveWatch.

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La fel ca în cazul România Liberă, am identificat că publicația Capital a scos în mod nejustificat de pe site informații de interes public despre Roșia Montană. Le-am trimis și celor de la Capital o scrisoare deschisă.

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28 ianuarie, 2011 Platforma pentru Bucureşti Calea Plevnei nr. 98, bl. 10C, Bucureşti sector 1 SCRISOARE DESCHISĂ: CENZURĂ LA ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ? Către dl. Dan Turturică Redactor Şef ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ Stimate domnule redactor şef,

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Avocatul Florin Kovacs: „Cei care hărţuiesc jurnalişti trebuie să plătească scump pentru asta!” Factura de astăzi: 104 milioane

104 de milioane este factura pentru procesul de calomnie şi insultă deschis aiurea de Safta Criste, nevasta fostului procuror general al României, Mircea Criste. Judecătoria Timişoara a admis declanşarea procedurilor de executare silită împotriva notarului public Safta Criste, soţia fostului procuror general al României, Mircea Criste. Procedurile de executare au fost cerute de Casa de Avocatură Kovacs & Covaci, pentru suma de 6.200 de lei, reprezentând cheltuieli de judecată. S-a pus punct astfel unui război de hărţuire derulat pe perioada a aproape patru ani.

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Scrisoare deschisa: Urare de 2011 pentru Ministrul Administratiei si Internelor, domnul Constantin Traian Igas

Stimate Domnule Ministru, ActiveWatch – Agenția de Monitorizare a Presei a înregistrat în anul care a trecut o serie de situaţii (descrierile sunt anexate) în care poliţişti din diferite structuri subordonate Ministerului pe care îl conduceţi au acţionat abuziv în raport cu drepturile fundamentale la liberă exprimare şi acces la informaţii de interes public. Subordonaţii dumneavoastră au agresat sau au favorizat agresiuni comise asupra unor ziarişti sau persoane care încercau să recolteze şi să comunice public informaţii de interes general.

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Cum am castigat un proces de 5 miliarde

Înalta Curte de Casaţie şi Justiţie a tranşat joi, 11 noiembrie 2010, ani de zile de hărţuire judiciară. Reclamantul, un afacerist timişorean, a ajuns să plătească scump demersul său. Sper să devină un exemplu pentru toţi cei care hărţuiesc jurnalişti.

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Agresarea unui jurnalist costa cat un sac de box mai mic

În luna februarie a anului trecut, jurnaliștii prahoveni Raluca și Robin Eparu au fost agresați fizic și verbal în timp ce realizau un material despre un imobil din Ploiești. De curând, Justiția a decis că „Fapta săvârșită de învinuitul prin modalitatea concretă de desfășurare prin împrejurimile comiterii și prin urmarea imediat produsă a adus o atingere minimă valorilor sociale ocrotite de legea penală și nu reprezintă gradul de pericol social concret al unei infracțiuni”, ne-a povestit jurnalista Raluca Eparu.

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Christian Ciocan: „Politistii nu ataca, politistii se apara”

Cei mai mulți dintre bloggerii și jurnaliștii care au participat la dezbaterea organizată miercuri de ActiveWatch cu purtătorul de cuvânt al Poliției Capitalei, Christian Ciocan, au plecat de la eveniment descurajați. Da, avem dreptul să filmăm și să fotografiem polițiști, indiferent dacă sunt sau nu în timpul programului, atâta timp cât poartă uniformă, însă eventualele ostilități întâmpinate din partea oamenilor legii pot fi cel mult sancționate ulterior de către superiorii acestora, nu prevenite – cam asta a fost concluzia. Mai în glumă, mai în serios, bloggerul Cristian China-Birta, inițiatorul dezbaterii, a propus ca toți cei prezenți să-și facă fotografii cu purtătorul de cuvânt Christian Ciocan, pentru situațiile în care polițiștii își încalcă atribuțiile.

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DEZBATERE. Poti fi arestat daca fotografiezi sau filmezi un politist?

[caption id="attachment_382" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Foto: Vlad Ursulean"][/caption] UPDATE: Dezbaterea se va desfasura incepand cu orele 17.30, nu 18.30, cum fusese stabilit initial! Vrei sa afli de la ce distanţă de aparatul tău de fotografiat poate deveni periculos un poliţist? Vino la dezbaterea organizata de ActiveWatch marți, 21 septembrie 2010, orele 17.30, la care va lua parte si purtătorul de cuvânt al Poliției Capitalei, Christian Ciocan. Inițiativa dezbaterii îi aparține bloggerului Cristian China-Birta. El a semnalat public, de curând, mai multe situații conflictuale dintre oamenii legii și bloggeri, cetateni sau jurnaliști care îi filmau.

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Cianura si deontologie si au publicat o lista a jurnalistilor si responsabililor editoriali care s-au deplasat in Noua Zeelanda pe cheltuiala Rosia Montana Gold Corporation. Pe banii cui isi face jurnalistul documentarea? Deplasarea este parte a campaniei de PR a RMGC, care a afirmat prin reprezentantii sai ca nu exista contrangeri asupra jurnalistilor referitor la modul in care ar trebui sa scrie despre subiectul Rosia Montana. Totusi s-au manifestat in ultima vreme in spatiul public suspiciuni ca subiecte critice la adresa RMGC nu au putut fi publicate de jurnalisti, ca urmare a faptului ca redactia avea contracte de publicitate cu aceasta companie. ActiveWatch a primit in ultimul an informatii din 2 redactii centrale referitor la acesta problema. Referitor la o alta redactie, Academia Catavencu, Mircea Toma a facut public pe e-group-ul jurnalistilor freeex faptul ca revista la care scria si-a ‘domolit’ in timp tonul in materialele referitoare la RMGC.

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Politicienii recunosc doar libertatea de exprimare a fetelor de pension?

Redam pozitia ActiveWatch - AMP, publicata de, cu privire la propunerea de cenzurare a comentariilor postate pe Internet. Cititi articolul integral aici. Liana Ganea (AMP): Este un pericol. Cand incepi sa interzici, pericolul este foarte mare "Nu este exclus un astfel de proiect legislativ, pentru ca in Parlament s-au adoptat diverse legi, unele mai hilare ca altele sau unele mai triste ca altele. As vrea sa reamintesc insa ca, in repetate randuri, Curtea Europeana a Drepturilor Omului, care pentru noi este un standard in materie de drepturile omului, a afirmat ca libertatea de exprimare include si cuvintele care ofenseaza si socheaza, si ca exista un drept de a exagera", a afirmat Liana Ganea, reprezentant al Agentiei de Monitorizare a Presei, care a comentat, de asemenea, pentru initiativa legislativa a senatorului PSD Lia Olguta Vasilescu.

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Trăiască depolitizarea cu membri de partid!

Politicienii nu vor să-și ia talpa pe capul TVR-ului. După ce strigă că vor depolitizare, adică oameni fără legătură cu partidele, iată pe cine numesc în consiliile de administrație ale Televiziunii Române și radioului public: (Sursa) PDL îi numește pe: -Ada Meseșan, șeful biroului sau de presă; -Nicoleta Nicolicea, soția deputatului Eugen Nicolicea, care s-a remarcat printr-o înjurătură adresată în direct unei moderatoare TV -Calin Botez, consilierul presedintelui Camerei Deputatilor, Roberta Anastase

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Cum cenzurezi o expoziție de fotografie

Autoritățile sfidează libertatea de exprimare și liberul acces la informații al cetățenilor. Reprezentanții Administrației Străzilor din București (ASB) au intervenit în conținutul expoziției de fotografie „Constatare la Fața Locului”, dedicată mineriadelor din 13-15 iunie 1990 și organizată de Institutul de Investigare a Crimelor Comunismului și Memoria Exilului Românesc (IICCMER).

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Strategia Nationala de Aparare a Tarii reprezinta un risc la adresa democratiei

Organizatiile semnatare resping si condamna concluziile integrate in Strategia Nationala de Aparare a Tarii, conform carora presa reprezinta o vulnerabilitate la adresa securitatii nationale. Strategia a fost initiata de Presedintia Romaniei, adoptata de CSAT si inaintata astazi, 23 iunie 2010, Parlamentului. Conform Strategiei Nationale de Aparare, “fenomenul campaniilor de presă la comandă cu scopul de a denigra instituţii ale statului, prin răspândirea de informaţii false despre activitatea acestora, presiunile exercitate de trusturi de presă asupra deciziei politice în vederea obţinerii de avantaje de natură economică sau în relaţia cu instituţii ale statului reprezintă o (…) vulnerabilitate a statului roman”.

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Criza economică şi presiunile politice au destabilizat presa

La 3 mai, jurnaliştii au celebrat, încă o dată, Ziua Mondială a Libertăţii Presei. Prilej de reflecţie asupra stării actuale a presei. În acest context, a fost lansat şi al XI-lea Raport FreeEx – Libertatea Presei în România, publicat de ActiveWatch – Agenţia de Monitorizare a Presei. Raportul reprezintă o analiză retrospectivă a celor mai importante evenimente cu impact asupra libertăţii de exprimare. Conform raportului, anul 2009 a fost marcat, pe de o parte, de criza economică, dar şi de imixtiunea politicului în conţinutul editorial – fapt care a determinat decredibilizarea presei. Criza economică a dus la prăbuşirea veniturilor din publicitate şi, drept urmare, la concedierea a 3000 de angajaţi din mass-media (jurnalişti şi personal tehnic) şi închiderea a zeci de publicaţii; instituţiile media supravieţuitoare au devenit mult mai vulnerabile la presiuni politice şi economice.

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FreeEx Report 2009 (VIDEO)

FreeEx Report 2009, here.

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"Man Bites News" Report

First media analysis report to follow the way in which main Romanian TV channels respect their mandate to act in the public interest and promote ethical standards in journalism.

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