How do you make a sponsorship?

Just as individuals have the option to re-direct 2% of their income tax to a social cause, companies can invest in the non-profit sector, without any real cost, through sponsorship. According to the Romanian legislation in force (Law no. 32/1994 on sponsorship, as amended and supplemented by Government Ordinance no. 36/1998, Law no. 204/2001 and Law no. 394/2006), companies can re-direct part of the tax to a social cause, within the limit of 3‰ of their turnover, or 20% of their profit tax (the lower of the two is taken into consideration).

All you need to do is to fill out a very simple sponsorship contract. That amount is deducted from the taxes that you pay (find a sponsorship guide here).

Sponsorship policy

As it is an organization renowned for its integrity and independence, ActiveWatch receives sponsorships from companies with an ethical public presence. ActiveWatch reserves the right to refuse cash or in kind contributions from the companies that are incompatible with the ActiveWatch values.