As we are not comfortable in a society segregated by racist sentiments and discriminating actions:

  • We periodically measure the degree of tolerance in the media discourse with respect to minority and vulnerable groups.
  • We continuously inform the general public with respect to the importance of tolerance and diversity in a civically healthy society.
  • We directly support and facilitate access to a reasonable life to persons belonging to minority or vulnerable groups.
  • We represent the interests of minority and vulnerable groups in Romania before the national public authorities and the political decision-making bodies.
  • We develop national and international partnerships, together with non-profit organizations or public authorities that share the same values with respect to the consolidation of an open and equitable society.

If you with to live in a tolerant society that complies with the principle of equality, please become a supporting member of ActiveWatch by making a donation which shall support our work to protect equality in Romania, or by becoming directly involved in our activities as a volunteer.

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