Daily experiences confirm that racism and discrimination persist in the media, in politics and policies in Romania, in schools, at the workplace and in the street. We are trying to prove, with objective arguments and firm interventions, that racism and discrimination are, in fact, the weaknesses of democracy. We can change the situation if we are open and accept those who are a few and different but not strangers to us.

  • A society is open when the voice of its minority and vulnerable groups can make itself heard without being humiliated and refuted with prejudice.
  • A society is tolerant when we do not revolt because a minority group is claiming its fundamental rights.
  • A society is fair when disabled individuals are present and visible at the workplace, in the park, at the cinema or in schools.
  • A society is fair when there are correct relations between all participants in public life, when we seek solutions for cohabitation and integration, and not excuses and guilty parties.
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