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Discrimination in Romania

ActiveWatch believes in the principle of non-discrimination as defined by the Romanian legislation: "Discrimination refers to any difference, exclusion, restriction or preference, based upon race, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, social category, convictions, gender, sexual orientation, age, handicap, chronic illness, HIV infection, affiliation to a disfavored category, as well as any other criterion the purpose or the effect of which is the restriction, the elimination of acknowledgement, use or exercise, in conditions of equality, of the human rights and its fundamental freedoms or of its rights recognized under the law, in the political, economic, social and cultural domain, or in any other domains of public life"

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Daily experiences confirm that racism and discrimination persist in the media, in politics and policies in Romania, in schools, at the workplace and in the street. We are trying to prove, with objective arguments and firm interventions, that racism and discrimination are, in fact, the weaknesses of democracy.

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What Statistics Say

The most recent opinion polls show that in Romania there is a high degree of intolerance: almost 75% of Romanian teenagers would not want to have as neighbors any individuals with a different sexual orientation, while over 60% would not want to have as neighbors HIV positive or Roma people.

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Taking Action

As we are not comfortable in a society segregated by racist sentiments and discriminating actions, we periodically measure the degree of tolerance in the media discourse with respect to minority and vulnerable groups.

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