The movie that was to be projected last night, The Kids Are All Right, is a cinematic portrayal of a gay family in the US. The people in the audience were constantly photographed, filmed and verbally abused, being called “turds” and “animals”. A number of approximately 50 protesters stopped the movie’s projection from the first minutes, shouting “Death to homosexuals”, “We don’t want you here”, “You are not Romanians”, mistaking the freedom to express their disapproval of a legal event with the act of instigation to discriminate and hate based on sexual orientation.

In order to justify their extremist actions, they sang Romania’s anthem and orthodox chants, they used religion and fascist symbols, like icons and the Legionary salute. The Deputy Manager of the Museum, Mihai Gheorghiu, who was on the scene, did not react according to his professional duties and did not take the necessary measures so that the cultural event could go on in good order and without further disturbances.
Although the General Manager of the Museum, Virgin Niţulescu, called for the presence of the Police by dialing the emergency number 112 and in spite of the fact that, prior to the event, the ACCEPT organisation pointed out verbally and in writing the necessity to protect the public at this cultural manifestation, the representatives of the Police and the Gendarmerie who arrived at the scene did not interfere to put an end to the actions of intimidation and incitement to hatred against LGBT people.

“This type of non-intervention, under the pretext of neutrality, has become in the last two years the usual conduct of those who are expected to know and apply the law in Romania. Moreover, the Police, Gendarmerie and the Prosecutor’s office do not take measures to identify and take proceedings against the aggressors and the organisations that support their actions. This type of violent incidents is not rare and the reaction of the responsible authorities is mainly inefficient and unprofessional”, said lawyer Iustina Ionescu.

The signing organisations request:
1. To the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Attorney General of Romania: to investigate the extremist actions that took place at the Museum in February 20th and the Police authorities’ manner of intervention regarding public manifestations of hate crime.
2. To the Ministry of Culture: to immediately ask for the resignation of the Museum’s Deputy General, Mihai Gheorghiu, for not performing his administrative duties.
3. To the Romanian Gendarmerie: to investigate and take disciplinary action against the lack of intervention of the Gendarmes arrived at the scene, to identify and sanction accordingly the people who disrupted public order.

ACCEPT Association
ActiveWatch-Media Monitoring Agency


ActiveWatch / CC BY 3.0