What does it mean: to discriminate? What does it mean to put labels on people whom you do not know?
Three young Roma who are preparing for medicine, had worn the discrimination labels on their back and had walked for two days through the most crowded areas of Bucharest.

A story about the difficulty of wearing the discrimination label on your shoulders.

Robert is in the twelfth grade and he prepares himself for the Faculty of Dentistry. He was encouraged and supported by his family in the decision to pursue this career. He aims to open his own dental clinic.

Neculae is in the twelfth grade and he prepares himself to become a generalist physician. During highschool he studied the philology department, therefore, he had to quickly recover chemistry and biology knowledge.

Like his colleagues, Cristian is in the twelfth grade and he is preparing himself for two faculties: general medicine and forensic medicine. He had a passion for medical science since childhood, and, by time passing it became a professional target.

They are just three of the thousands of young Roma who are trying to prove that we are wrong when we imagine an uncertain future for them.

by Roma Professionals in the Medial Field

ActiveWatch / CC BY 3.0