The anti discrimination campaign bluntly exposes the tragic effects of distrust in the Roma children development capacity.

Propaganda: As a child, each one of us was asked in kindergarten or in school: "what do you wanna do when you grow up?" And the answers were some legitimate aspirations. Obviously not so many of us got doctors, pilots, teachers or policemen, but theoretically each one of us had the chances to become one. Whatever a Roma child would say, the chances to fulfill his or her dream tend to zero.
Considering this, the executions try to draw a warning about how our preconceptions can affect Roma children future. The voice we can hear in the TV commercial, it is not the child's voice, it is ours, the voice of the society.
The campaign message "Roma children dream of the things we let them dream of " is basically simple: Roma children do not become what they would like them to become, they rather become what we think about them - in other words, they become our prejudices.


ActiveWatch / CC BY 3.0