Robert is doing his internship in general medicine. He studied and graduated at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, in Bucharest. His mother is a Roma ethnic, and his father is Romanian and he works as a florist. His parents didn’t think of him becoming a doctor, but they determined him to learn a lor so Robert figured it out by himself. He always wished for more, not because he wasn’t pleased with what he had at home, but because he believed that it was the right thing to do. Of course his parents supported him and they are very proud of him.

Robert always believed that there is nothing wrong in being different, and that is actually extraordinary. It doesn’t matter very much where you come from, or what kind of high school you graduated, the thing that does matter is what you want to achieve afterwards. He tells that to all the young people he speaks to, helping them understand that in life they can do anything, as long as they are responsible and work hard to achieve their goals. Although no one asked him to, Robert wants to prove that it’s possible, even if you are a Roma person.

This is the reason why Robert chose to become a general physician, to be closer to the people, to communicate with them, and to help them learn how to care about their own health.

Roma Health Scholarship Program supports young Roma to build their education in the medical field. More than 600 Roma students received academic scholarships so far (2008-2016). They were assisted by mentors, attended camps advocacy, volunteering activities and medical congresses. The scholars are encouraged to actively assume their Roma identity.

Roma Health Scholarship Program is developed in Romania by Roma Education Fund, ActiveWatch, The Association of Resident Physicians and Roma Center for Health Policy – Sastipen.

a movie by Anelise Sălan
produced by ActiveWatch
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