Five young Roma, fellows of Roma Health Scholarship Program, were happy to share their life stories. Some of them are doctors and some of them will become doctors soon. And their stories are not unique.

Roma Health Scholarship Program supports young Roma to build their education in the medical field. More than 600 Roma students received academic scholarships so far (2008-2016). They were assisted by mentors, attended camps advocacy, volunteering activities and medical congresses. The scholars are encouraged to actively assume their Roma identity.

Roma Health Scholarship Program is developed in Romania by Roma Education Fund, ActiveWatch, The Association of Resident Physicians and Roma Center for Health Policy – Sastipen.

Daniel, Alina Robert Sorin and Carmen are just five of the RHSP fellows. Video documenting their stories was made in 2015 and 2016 by Anelise Sălan and ActiveWatch.

Daniel Stanciu, paediatric sugery resident

Clinical Emergency Children Hospital “Maria Sklodovska Curie”, Bucharest

“Throughout college I was surprised to find out that I am not the only Roma medicine student. As a resident physician I had the chance to get to know Roma doctors that were very dedicated to their job. This is a proof that you can accomplish anything if you’re determined.”

a movie by Anelise Sălan
produced by ActiveWatch
with the support of Open Society Foundations

camera Anelise Sălan, Bogdan Cazacu, Marius Vlad, Mihai Dragotă
sound Iulian Ioniță, Nicu Comârzan
photography Petruț Călinescu
postproduction Cristian Mertic
content producer Ana Ciutu

Janneh - Colours of Life
Cory Gray - A Tale of Two Cars
Cory Gray - Piano Sentiment 1
David Szesztay - Snow
David Szesztay - Take Care
Ketsa - Night Whispers

ActiveWatch / CC BY 3.0