Carmen graduated the Dental Medicine School at “Grigore T. Popa” University in Iași. Her parents wanted her to be a musician, as her father, so all the way until college she was studying piano and was preparing for her admission at the Conservatory. But Carmen had a different plan. She dreamt to become a dentist since she was a child.

Although she did’t experience discrimination in school, during college she realized that discrimination is a problem. However, she is sure that in educated circles, among professional people, the skin colour is not important. During college she became good friends with her colleagues, and she is convinced that a generation of roma professionals can take down prejudice.

Nor was she afraid to choose a hard specialization: periodontist surgery. Having a great interest in arts, Carmen is creative and innovative. She believes that her specialization can bring science and arts together perfectly, and so she wishes to use the same approach in her medical work too. 

Roma Health Scholarship Program supports young Roma to build their education in the medical field. More than 600 Roma students received academic scholarships so far (2008-2016). They were assisted by mentors, attended camps advocacy, volunteering activities and medical congresses. The scholars are encouraged to actively assume their Roma identity.

Roma Health Scholarship Program is developed in Romania by Roma Education Fund, ActiveWatch, The Association of Resident Physicians and Roma Center for Health Policy – Sastipen.

a movie by Anelise Sălan
produced by ActiveWatch
with the support of Open Society Foundations

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