Two future Roma doctors, scholars of Roma Health Scholarship Program, Gabriela Chirea and Sorin Lăcătuș, are the first to present first aid video tutorials in Romani language (subtitled in Romanian). They explain important procedures that everyone can do to save the life of a family member or a person unknown.

How do you act when you want to save an electrocuted victim? What can you do to save the life of an unconscious person, an injured victim or a persons with broken bones? Gabriela and Sorin explains everything you need to know so you can act quickly, responsibly and effectively.




Gabriela Chirea is a 5’th year student at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” in Bucharest and Sorin Lăcătuș is a 6’th year student at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Grigore T. Popa” in Iași. While studying in different universities, the two have in common excellent academic results which make them scholars of Roma Health Scholarship Program.

Roma Health Scholarship Program supports young Roma to build their education in the medical field. More than 600 Roma students received academic scholarships so far (2008-2016). They were assisted by mentors, attended camps advocacy, volunteering activities and medical congresses. The scholars are encouraged to actively assume their Roma identity.

Roma Health Scholarship Program is developed in Romania by Roma Education Fund, ActiveWatch, The Association of Resident Physicians and Roma Center for Health Policy – Sastipen.

First aid video tutoarials are public accountability actions of Roma Health Scholarship Program grantees, within the "I Am a Roma Doctor" campaign. The campaign is develorped by ActiveWatch with the support of Open Society Foundations.
ActiveWatch / CC BY 3.0