ActiveWatch oraganized on Wednesday November 3 the event " Pinocchio grows up!" in Club Fabrica in Bucharest. The event was prepared and held by 35 children from the Pinicchio Center in Bucharest, Sector 1. 

After 6 months of work on creations and intense rehearsals, the 35 children for Pinocchio Center presented a show with theatre, dance, film and music moments. The children studied in the last 6 months with our facilitators - actors, visual artists, photographers, scenographers and musicians.

Moreover, the kids prepared an installation, the "Child's room", where the public could enter to see a room with their creations made during the photograph, handmade and painting workshops.

More than 200 persons in the public watched the "Wizard of Oz" play, three short documentaries, a contemporary dance and a percussion show, all of them made by the children from "Pinnochio" Center.

ActiveWatch / CC BY 3.0