ActiveWatch, together with Roma Education Fund Romania, The Association of Resident Physicians, Roma Health Center - SASTIPEN and Open Society Institute are launching the "A Generation of Roma Specialists in the Medical Field" project, which will be implemented between 2011 and 2014. The project is co-finnaced by The European Social Fund - POSDRU, under the Contract no. POSDRU/96/6.2/S/62047.

The main objective of the project is to support young Roma in accessing higher education and professions in the medical field. Moreover, the project aims to fight against discrimination and prejudice towards Roma people.

Therefore, we developed a support mechanism for Roma students, through a Personal Development Program (PDP). Within the PDP, Roma high-school students can benefit from free private lessons in biology, chemistry and physics, and motivational camps. We also offer scholarships, continuous mentorship and advocacy camps for those who attend medical schools and universities.

The communication campaigns will target different groups with specific strategies: information for young Roma students and their social groups, anti-discrimination messages for the general audience and advocacy approach for public institutions.

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