THURSDAY – 7th February 2013, 8pm,

Club MODERN, Mihai Eminescu Street No. 127

The Community Center for Creative Education and Active Art laBomba proudly invites to "The Evicted Women's Parade", a fashion show done by the women of the Rahova-Uranus community with the aim of raising funds for the education of their children.

The clothing has been directly collected from the wardrobes of the women in the Rahova-Uranus community and then cut, recycled and re-contextualized by designer Olah Gyarfas and will be presented in a fashion show that continues the series of events in which art becomes a manifesto of social intervention. The Rahova-Uranus women will present the collection on the catwalk at MODERN, on February the 7th. The clothes will be auctioned as art objects and the funds raised will be used for educational projects for the children in the community.

The project also raises awareness about the imminent eviction of the Rahova-Uranus community members and wants to promote, on the long run, the building of new social homes for the community.

“It is astonishing how a piece of cloth can transport history” (Olah Gyarfas)

In the summer of 2010, designer Olah Gyarfas, the first resident artist of the laBOMBA community center, created, together with the most powerful women in the Rahova-Uranus community, a proto-collection of recycled, re-cut and re-contextualized clothes. The outfits are documents of the cultural clash and of the spontaneous collaboration between the serene and conceptual designer and the most active women representatives of the Rahova-Uranus community expressing their own notions of beauty, fashion, womanhood, seduction and identity in a fascinating and unequivocal way.

Although the threat of being evicted is still felt today, although laBOMBA was evicted in 2011, the mothers in the community came to the conclusion that their children’s education must move forward.

“We are walking the catwalk for our homes and for our children’s education. Up till the evictions, Claudiu [Cristina Eremia’s child] had only good marks in school. Now he is a poor student. The teachers don’t prepare them for high school admission well enough. One knows that without tutoring one can’t move forward, and we cannot afford them. It’s a drag that we’ve come to this in this country,” says Cristina Eremia, one of the mothers in the community, whose home has become the provision working space of laBOMBA.

The event will take the form of a show where fashion and active art come together, where interdisciplinarity binds and harmonizes what one considers fashionable with the artistic social intervention areas that facilitate free access to culture for all social classes. The opening speeches of MEP Daciana Sarbu and the artistic director of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Mrs. Ruxandra Balaci, will stress the concept.

Karpov, not Kasparov, will play for the fashion show and the evening will continue on the oriental beats mixed by DJ Cristina (aka the Rahova Miss Kittin) back-to-back with ION.

The goal of the event, accomplished with volunteer work only, is raising awareness about the social and cultural needs of the members of the Rahova-Uranus community and raising funds for educational projects for the children in the community.

The event is supported by the Netherlands Embassy in Bucharest and by ActiveWatch, which have been together for the laBOMBA Community Center and all the education and creative projects in the community ever since 2006.

The event is recommended by the National Museum of Contemporary Art and supported by the MODERN club and the România, Aşa Da! Association.

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contact: Maria Draghici 0723 387.447
Paul Dunca 0723 288 739

ActiveWatch / CC BY 3.0