"Open Doors" section

"Hope" Center for Resources and Educational Assistance  from Timișoara, for its efforts in creating accessibility in education.

"Promoters of ability" section

Radio Romania Timișoara, for  more than 15 years of programmes dedicated to raising awareness on people with disabilities and their successes.

"The Employers of Abilities" section

bauMax for making a lot of programs for and with people with disabilities and employees, besides hiring.

"School of all abilities" section

"The Wonderful House" Kindergarden, from Oradea,  for 17 years of activity. They managed to change general opinion in Oradea about educatng kids with disabilities in such way that people started to want typical kids in their kindergarden.

"Owesone People" section

The prize goes to Laura Elena Huter, from Craiova. Herself with a severe hearing disability, Laura is a teacher for other kids in the "Beethoven" Educational Center in Craiova. She's also a dancer, choreographer, mime, and studies painting.

The popularity prize  Alexandru Nicolae Ghenescu a kid in a wheelchair who loves reading, mathematics and computers from a small village in Alba county. His dream is to attend, in few years, the best Informatics school in Alba Iulia and he's even ready to live on his own in the city in order to fulfill this dream. He received 1600 signs of support from those who voted.

The Gala will be broadcasted on Saturday, December 3 on the Public Television, starting 3 p.m.

ActiveWatch / CC BY 3.0