"Promoters of Ability" Section

The prize went to Oana Dan for her campaign in Evenimentul Zilei. She published a series of materials in a campaign dedicated to success stories from a world unknown to the public: the people with disabilities world. In the same section, a popularity prize went to Adriana Dolcianu Mărăscu and her 15 years old show "În rând cu lumen" broadcasted by Radio Timișoara Romania.

"Open Gates" Section

The National Administration of Penitentiaries won the prize of this section, as they proved built programs and accessibility for more than 100 vulnerable convicted people in their system and for their involvement in actions for other people with disabilities.

„Hire the Ability” Section

Two small companies won the prize, ex aequo: Nicosmail 2007 - because all their four employees have a disability and they proved they can build a business together & Alfaro Security as they realized that persons with disabilities may have good things to do in a security business.

"Awesome People" Section

Vlăduț Stamate, a 13 years old student who convinced us all that a kid with spastic paralysis can build a bright future, with a lot of work, but also with a lot of people willing to support.

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