131 applications were made for the Competition "Education without Borders" of the Gala for People with Disabilities. Only 124 entered the competition, as some of the applications were not completed at the closing hour of the application period.

• Special People

The “Special People” category promotes persons with disabilities whose educational attainment help them overcome social obstacles and change perceptions of disability.

• Enabling Employers

The “Enabling Employers” category promotes and targets companies and institutions that employ persons with disabilities and support their access to employment opportunities.  The category is designed to incentivize employing persons with disabilities.

• Spokesperson for Ability

The “Spokesperson for Ability” category focuses on journalists and media organizations that cover disability issues with a view to raise public awareness about the problems persons with disabilities face, highlight role models relevant to persons with disabilities' challenges and concerns, or advocate their rights through campaigns.  As for the language that eligible candidates use in relevant materials and the approach of disability issues they embrace, the jury will heed to those respectful of the dignity of persons with disabilities.

• Open Gates

The “Open Gates” category is geared to companies or institutions that make their facilities accessible to people with disabilities or adapt their offices and facilities to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.  Candidates include companies and institutions that take action to enable the mobility of persons with disabilities in public spaces, transportation, parking areas and buildings of public interest.

• School of All Abilities

The “School of All Abilities” category recognizes and rewards education institutions for their efforts to integrate persons with disabilities and facilitate full participation of children and youth with disabilities in the mass education system

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