The direct beneficiaries of our rapid response, referral and advocacy work are minorities and vulnerable groups, journalists, citizens, media consumers and businesses. Here are some of our most recent and notable accomplishments:

We influenced EU’s policies towards Romania during our country’s accession to the EU by:

  • Advancing open letters, reports and analysis to the European Commission;
  • Getting involved in working groups to amend national legislation – for example, anti-corruption package of laws and of justice, Criminal and Civil Codes.

Assisted in writing and finalizing the following national legislation to ensure freedom of expression and access to information:

  • Law 544/2001 on free access to public information;
  • Law 52/2003 on decision making transparency in the public administration;
  • Law 504/2002 – The Broadcasting Law;
  • The Audiovisual Regulatory Code;
  • The Penal Code.

We strengthen freedom of expression and press freedom, by:

  • Offering legal support and technical support to hundreds of journalists and editors and dozens of fast reactions in case of infringement of freedom of speech.
  • Publishing the FreeEx Report annually, an in-depth analysis of the state of the Romanian press. The report receives extensive media coverage and is constantly referenced in the official publications of national and international organizations.
  • Publishing relevant studies on European and international freedom of expression law and access to public information in order to assist Romanian journalists, magistrates and attorneys in their work.
  • Organizing training courses and seminars with journalists, students, attorneys, judges, civil servants, managers of media.
  • Coordinating the Convention of Media Organizations, a coalition of professional associations, trade unions and media employers.
  • Providing support for media unions in negotiating the first branch-level labor contract.
  • Producing of the first media TV talk show about the Romanian press, titled “Oh, My Press!” (2002-2006).

We promote a responsible press by:

  • Running communication campaigns on the rights of media consumers;
  • Conducting media analysis reports that highlight deviations from professional ethics rules;
  • Drafting a unique Ethics Code adopted by the Convention of Media Organisations, whose provisions have been taken over by other media organizations in the country;
  • Organizing meetings, seminars and correspondence addressing for ethical slippages of the media;
  • Assisting the National Audiovisual Council to improve its methods of media analysis;
  • Continuously monitoring the media discourse during election campaigns and recording slippages or pressures exerted on the media. The information gathered is published as media coverage content analysis, in the form of reports. These reports have become a reference tool for journalists, academia, and the non-political world.

In the media education field, we made changes to secondary school curriculum by:

  • Publishing the first ever manual dedicated to media education in Romania, in two editions.
  • Organizing training courses in media education for teachers in Romania
  • Putting together media education studies and workshops with students and teachers from schools and colleges
  • Publishing support materials for teachers interested in promoting media literacy among students.

We support disadvantaged groups in Romania by:

  • Promoting the rights of people with disabilities;
  • Promoting the importance of the employing of people with disabilities;
  • Promoting a fair media discourse on minorities;
  • Coordinating rapid responses in cases in which officials, dignitaries, politicians and opinion leaders gave a speeches that are offensive or likely to endanger the rights of minorities;
  • Organizing training courses for members of Roma organizations to become specialists in public relations and to promote efficient and responsible actions of their organizations;
  • Initiating and influencing legislative changes and initiatives which may block or threaten the status of disadvantaged groups in Romania: – GEO 31/2002, the Persecution bill;
  • Contributing to the formation of the National Council for Combating Discrimination;
  • Notifying NCCD in cases of discrimination;
  • Publishing the first guide dedicated to government and nonprofit institutions to effectively combat discrimination in Romanian society;
  • Producing the longest running programs dedicated to Roma issues: European Rom (from 2004 to present).

We promote citizens’ rights by:

  • Training journalists, NGOs and trade unions in methods of active intervention; and measurement of the level of corruption in public administration in Romania
  • Drafting anti-corruption guidelines for citizens;
  • Organizing coalitions and campaigns that aim to correct the performance of European Union funding (Structural Funds 112 Coalition;
  • Transparency of EU funds in Romania, etc..) and the legislative process in Romania (Coalition for a Clean Parliament, Stop the Codes Campaign, etc.);
  • Promoting principles of fair governance and stimulating citizen participation in city life (through the “You Are the City” and the Criminal Record of the Government campaigns);
  • Running raising awareness campaigns on the importance of protecting the environment.